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Won't boot from SeaTools disk

I downloaded SEATOOLSDOS223ALL and burned it to a CD. Put the CD in the CD tray and rebooted the computer but it went straight to Windows 7 instead of booting into DOS from the CD.  The boot order in BIOS is set to "floppy disk", CD drive then C Drive.  What did I do wrong?  Thanks for any help.

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Re: Won't boot from SeaTools disk

I'm assuming that your CD Drive's an IDE type device, rather than SCSI or something else.  If so and if your CD Drive is strapped as an IDE Slave, try booting from a CD capable drive strapped as the Master.  


I had the same problem as you're having.   I burned SeaToolsDOS223ALL.ISO onto a CD using Alex Feinman's ISO file CD burning freeware under Windows XP (SP3).   Then I put the CD Drive ahead of the HDD in my BIOS boot sequence list and tried to boot from the CD I had left it in burner.  My BIOS continually bypassed the CD and booted into XP from my HDD.  Recalling that my CD burner is a Slave and thinking it might matter, I moved the bootable CD to my DVD burner (which is the Master) and Sea Tools for DOS came right up.


The root cause could be esoteric, such as certain BIOS implementations not being patient enough while the CD spins up or some such, dunno.  If you still can't boot up a properly burned CD with squeaky clean BIOS settings, you might want to burn a different bootable app onto CD (e.g., Seagate's Disk Wizard ISO image) and trying it.  If that doesn't work, your PC may need a BIOS update//upgrade.  Good luck!