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Help appreciated...


     I have a seagate external hard drive.  It was working great, now when I click on it, it says this folder is empty.  I know all the files are there as it shows space used, also I scanned it with my anti-virus and it went through everyfile and picture on the drive.  I installed the best software I could find for it from the website, but it says it is for XP.  I run windows 7.  I downloaded seagate tools and ran every test except the generic long as I am afraid of what it means when it says... "will FAIL the hard drive if repair is unsuccessful.  All the other tests passed just fine, turns on and off normally, I've swapped out two of the usb cables numerous times so I dont think its a cable issue.  Seagate tools brings up the model number as ST3250623A.


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