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st3120025ace from pvr want to use in computer

my bell expressvu pvr is broken but the hard drive is still good.

so i thought i would use it in my computer but windows wont see it .

the bios does.

so using seagate tools i managed to low level format it but it now shows in windows as 32 gigs. the hard drive is 120 gigs.

im determined to make it work but i understand there is encryption from expressview on it .

anyone know how i can parttion and format the full drive for use in windows?


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Re: st3120025ace from pvr want to use in computer

Best starting point is to do a full format as if you were breaking in a new drive using the Win setup disk.



However, if you slave it and go to disk management you might be able to delete any data on it that you don't need.


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